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Matthew Newell – A Glimpse into Neurological Recovery

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Note From The Host:

Listen in as we welcome Matthew Newell, co-director of the Family Hope Center, a phenomenal program for children and adults with neurological disharmony. Together, we discuss my son Remy’s remarkable progress with the program. Shifting from managing his neurological issues to actively engaging his brain. The joy and engagement that Remy has experienced is an encouraging testament to the program’s effectiveness.

We further explore the integral role families play in the healing process. Understanding the complexities of the brain can empower us to better support, develop, grow, and restore it.

Ever wondered why children behave the way they do? Matthew will enlighten us with an anatomy lesson of the seven pathways of the brain, offering a unique perspective on child behavior.

Matthew sheds light on the seven pathways of the brain, which can provide a framework for why children behave the way they do. Our discussion continues with an exploration of potential environmental causes of neurological disorder. We talk about the importance of treating the root of the problem, and the urgent need for societal action.

Neurological Recovery

Finally, our conversation centers on the power of hope and its capacity to motivate families to accept services and diagnoses for their children. We share our family’s story of refusing to lose hope despite numerous setbacks, and how the Family Hope Center not only provides hope but also education and support. We look at the neurological approach to restoring the brain and emphasize the need for treating the root of the problem to achieve lasting change. Tune in for an insightful and enlightening conversation about neurological health for children.

Episode Highlights With Matthew Newell

  • 00:00 – Optimizing Brain Health for Children
  • 05:58 – Understanding Neurodevelopment and Parent Involvement
  • 16:11 – Trauma and Solutions in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • 21:29 – Importance of Hope in Supporting Children
  • 34:48 – Supporting Parents of Neurological Children

Healing Your Child’s Brain

Child development experts Matthew and Carol Newell guide readers through the stages of brain development and how they affect functioning, showing what wellness looks like at each level and how to identify—and tackle—problems in order to help their special-needs child flourish.



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