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A critical first step towards your child’s development. We will help you to better understand your child's brain and the necessary steps you can take to help them.


An in-depth course that provides all the tools needed to evaluate the root cause of a child’s challenges and promote development from home. Over 22 hours of content.


Comprehensive and individualized plans for your child, hands-on instruction, and direct one-on-one support. For parents interested in partnering with us. Must have completed the Parent Training Course.

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A critical first step towards helping your child.

Diagnosis is not destiny.

Love Needs an Action Plan - with Matthew and Carol Newell

How we help in 2 minutes.

Often parents of children with special needs feel powerless after receiving a diagnosis. Our approach is to teach, guide, and support you in taking control of your child’s future.

Our Specialists

Our interdisciplinary team specializes in multiple fields of medicine and therapy with one thing in common: helping you learn how to optimize your child’s brain growth and development.

Brain Physiology and Targeted Nutrition

Early Motor Development and Learning

Sensory and Respiratory Development

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Neuromuscular Function and Development

Social and Emotional Development

In one week from today, he will be racing for the Danish Para-cycling team in the Danish Championships. We have no idea of how he is going to perform - but, I am so proud of him. All the hard work has turned out wonderful.

Karina J, Denmark

I have new hope – not just for my son, but for our whole family.

Karina J, Denmark

Thank you for giving my family hope and the practical tools to help my child when the system failed her.

Allison F., West Essex, UK

After spending years pursuing answers, it finally looks like we have something that will heal our son.

Julia G., Hanscom, Massachusetts, US

Parent-Centered Approach

At the Family Hope Center, our primary focus is helping parents achieve the goals they have for their children.




Therapeutic Approach

Start understanding your child’s brain!

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