Our Mission

We believe that parents should be fully supported in realizing their goals for their children. Our mission is to to serve families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders around the world by educating and guiding parents to take a primary and active role in their children’s development.

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The WeeFIM System

WeeFIM is an 18-item, 7-level ordinal scale instrument that measures a child’s consistent performance in essential daily functional skills. Three main domains (selfcare, mobility, and cognition) are assessed by interviewing or by observing a child’s performance of a task to criterion standards. WeeFIM is categorized into 2 main functional streams: “Dependent” and “Independent”.

Our Statement on Evidence-Based Practice

The Family Hope Center considers the following in regards to evidence-based practices:

The varied definitions of and standards for evidence-based treatment within the diverse fields represented by the FHC’s team member.

The difference between evidence-based treatment and evidence-based practice (two well-defined terms with very different clinical implications)

Conditions We Address

At the Family Hope Center, we work with parents whose children represent a vast and complex array of neurologically-based challenges, (dis)abilities, and disorders.


Have a look at what our Families across the globe have to say about the Family Hope Center

Conditions we Address

At the Family Hope Center, we work with parents whose children represent a vast and complex array of neurologically-based challenges, (dis)abilities, and disorders. Similarly, those children come to us with an equally diverse range of ages, functional abilities, and strengths. Whether your child is at risk for 1) poor neurodevelopmental outcomes for genetic or metabolic reasons, 2) suffered an injury prenatally (e.g., fetal alcohol syndrome) or during birth (e.g., Cerebral Palsy), or 3) suffered a general loss of function (e.g., Autism, TBI, Alzheimer’s), we help parents like you. In short, no matter the etiology, if your child’s difficulties are neurologically-based (cognitive, behavioral, motor, seizure, or communication disorder) or if their condition is likely to result in (or already has) adverse neurodevelopmental consequences, we can help.


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Behavioral Disorders

e.g., obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders

Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Delays

Genetic Disorders

e.g., Down syndrome

Learning Disabilities

e.g., dyslexia

Seizure Disorders

e.g., epilepsy

Traumatic Brain Injury

Results – the WeeFIM System


Here is what our Families & Clinicians around the globe has to say

“Thank you for empowering me to intervene and to heal; and start the process of restoration for my son. The program is amazing!”

Litha A.
Johannesburg, South Africa

“After spending years pursuing answers, it finally looks like we have something that will heal our son.”

Julia G.
Hanscom, Massachusetts, US

“I am really pleased to be offered the knowledge to restore my child. I feel lucky for the first time in years.”

Nathan S.
Merseyside, UK

In one week from today, he will be racing for the Danish Para-cycling team in the Danish Championships. We have no idea of how he is going to preform - but, I am so proud of him. All the hard work has turned out wonderful.

Karina J.