Parent Training Course

The Parent Training Course provides all the tools needed to evaluate the root cause of your child’s challenges and promote development from home. The online format allows participants to go through the material at a pace that best suits you.
This comprehensive course includes 10 key topics over 26 modules and 22 hours of content, including

How to evaluate your child’s neurological development using our unique assessment tool

Maximizing brain growth and maturation

Building comprehensive and effective therapeutic plans to promote growth in key areas (sensory, motor, language, learning, nutrition, etc.)

Course participants also receive access to parent and family group calls with our clinical staff to support them through the course material. These calls focus on participants' questions and key topics

Mapping your child on the developmental chart

Respiration, nutrition, and the fundamentals of healthy living

How to develop the sensory pathways and the principles of learning

Mobility: the key to organizing the brain

Creating your child's home-based therapeutic plan

Helping Your Child

A critical first step towards your child’s development. This introductory course will help you to better understand your child's brain and the necessary steps you can take to help them.

Get free access to our ``Helping Your Child with Special Needs`` online video course.

7 Things Every Parent of a Child with Special Needs Should Know``, a PDF guide debunking 7 myths most parents believe about caring for their child with special needs.

``Eating Smart``, a short video and shopping guide revealing the 7 pillars of eating smart for children with special needs.

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