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By Crawling A Child Learns To Stand

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“By crawling a child learns to stand” is an African proverb and is an excellent way to introduce to you how effective crawling and creeping is for brain development!

My son couldn’t follow a two step request, write, draw, or communicate his thoughts or emotions for 14 years of his life. His brain was stuck. His thoughts were trapped. His auditory pathway was severely compromised, and his lower brain stem that is in charge of filtering out sounds or filtering out useful and useless information, or assist in staying focus and following through with a task was severely hurt.

I want to share with you something exceptionally effective!

Did you know how absolutely effective belly crawling and creeping on the hands and knees is to improving individuals ability to focus and pay attention, along with organizing thoughts, deciphering what is being asked, and fine motor skills?

At age 11, (Nov 2014) Ben started a comprehensive neurological program. He couldn’t write, draw, communicate his thoughts or feelings, but after one year of the creeping and crawling, Ben started writing dates and names of movie production companies. The information he was trying to communicate was very distorted and disorganized, but after 2 years of crawling and creeping at age 13, we started seeing more organization in the brain.

This picture is to show the distortion in Ben’s brain in 2015, (age 12) and then the organization that occurred in 2016.

We also started seeing Ben’s fine motor skills improve! Below was Ben’s handwriting and his early attempts at worksheets in April 2016. (His teacher wrote his name & date.)

Ben was 13 years old.

After 2-3 years of a comprehensive neurological program Ben’s fine motor skills and ability to organize his thoughts improved greatly!

In addition to the crawling and creeping, we implemented a smell program, to help develop the limbic brain which is in charge of memories and emotions.

Ben had great difficulty with self control and staying calm.

We would pick one smell per week to write about. Each day, Ben would have to come up with a sentence.

After 3 years of creeping and crawling, at age 14, Ben’s handwriting improved significantly and at age 15 he developed the brain organization to draw and create stories.

In 2018, (age 15) Ben’s brain started to create and invision all kinds of stories and characters.

In 2019 (age 16) and into 2020, Ben continues to improve in how he organizes his thoughts and understands emotions.

All from focusing on properly oxygenating the brain, providing an optimal physiological/brain diet, belly crawling, creeping on his hands and knees, smells, and other reflex/sensory programs.


I helped organize his thoughts on this story. The rest are completely done independently by Ben.

“By crawling a child learns to stand. Know that God created a very systematic approach for the brain to develop and miraculous things can occur with faith and family.

I would love for more parents and professionals to place more value and focus on crawling and creeping.

Belly crawling and creeping on the hands and knees is a very humbling approach in today’s high tech world, but I can’t understand why professionals are ignoring the absolute essential power of God’s design or the sheer science in that multiple reflexes get integrated in the central nervous system via crawling and creeping that help the brain become organized and communicate.

There are many, many more benefits to creeping and crawling than what I have written in this blog.

For instance, creeping and crawling can provide the information to the brain to stop kids from wetting the bed.

Creeping and crawling help immensely with improving one’s reading and comprehension levels and also helps kids stay focused and pay attention!

It’s quite an amazing, inexpensive and EXTREMELY effective approach to brain development.

Ben is 16 years old. He currently 4-5 days/week creeps 1,000 meters and belly crawls 600meters/day.

Brains can get hurt like an arm or leg.

There is hope.♥️


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© Article, images, videos and all other material courtesy of

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