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There is power in numbers and power in unity.

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I know the last 6 blog posts have been the ultimate highlight reel for implementing a comprehensive neurological approach. We have had great success and hopefully those 6 posts have gained an audience.

I want people and professionals to know about a comprehensive neurological approach.

Sadly, a comprehensive neurological program doesn’t completely line up with conventional medicine, and so there is a bit of a stalemate in getting the word out.

Modern medicine has only one approach. It treats the symptoms and treating the symptoms will never develop the brain. Treating the symptoms doesn’t make the cause go away and so we never resolve the dysfunction.

Obviously, I’m a huge advocate for implementing a comprehensive neurological approach to a child or adult whose brain is struggling.

Ben started conventional therapies at age 2.5 years old. At 11 years old, after 9 years of therapy, Ben was functioning at a 3 year old level.

At age 11, Ben started a comprehensive neurological program, and after 5 years of a comprehensive neurological program my son is now functioning at a 8-9 year old level and is independently reading, writing, drawing, riding a 2 wheel bike, bathing, doing chores, etc.

I hear people criticize a comprehensive neurological approach to be too demanding and put too much pressure on families.

It’s not a program for every family and there is no shame in that. But what if it was the right program for your family, then how would you know?

Does your doctor or therapists know about a comprehensive neurological program?

Dr. Martin Luther King said, “There is power in numbers and power in unity.”

The purpose of this blog is to spread awareness about the advantages of educating and empowering special needs parents and families about neuroplasticity.

I feel parents are absolutely essential in the neuroplasticity process!

The biggest problem I have with modern medicine is there is such an unmanageable cost for not the best results.

My family has spent quite a bit of money on conventional therapies and products with little success. I believe it’s time to rethink medicine.

I would like the medical and educational communities to become more knowledgeable about a comprehensive neurological approach.

I feel professionals and parents don’t know a lot about a comprehensive neurological approach, because it doesn’t line up with conventional methods that doctors, therapists, or teachers have been taught.

We are socialized to believe that the doctor or therapist will have a solution via a procedure or medication and all will be fine.

We have more doctors, nutritionists, specialists per capita and still brains are struggling.

We also have embraced the rhetoric that genetics trumps all and predetermines your health.

We are all biological creatures. We have to follow the laws of nature. Being healthy is a skillset and it all boils down to cellular health/physiological wellness.

When I understood why Ben struggled and what caused his behaviors, I was far more effective than when I was running back and forth from one therapy appointment to the next.

I want people to know there are options and to see what can be achieved when families are empowered and educated.

A comprehensive neurological approach requires families to be more involved and be proactive in providing a home that promotes brain growth.

So for me, as a parent, I had 2 options. I could either run in circles managing symptoms or I could systematically develop my son’s brain for him to gain more independence.

Here is Ben tying his shoes at 16. He learned to tie his shoes at 15 years old. We did not practice tying his shoes over and over. The interest and skill emerged as it does with a neurotypical kids.

Ben’s brain had developed enough to have the internal motivation to learn to tie his shoes himself. He wasn’t motivated to learn the skill because of a treat, he was motivated because he wanted independence.

Because there were more time commitments and diet changes required of a comprehensive neurological approach, my husband and I originally agreed to commit to doing the programs for 2 years.

There were many times in those 2 years where I was so doubtful and frustrated, but as Ben gained skills, our commitment continued.

We have now completed 5 years, and our family is far stronger in faith and gratitude than ever before. We are more intentional and mindful of our surroundings and we truly have witnessed the beauty of honoring God’s design.

Parents play a pivotal role and I’ve seen enough success from other families from around the world to motivate me to write this blog in hopes of spreading awareness about the benefits of a comprehensive neurological approach.

“There is power in numbers and power in unity.” Dr. Martin Luther King

Here we are in May 2015 in Philadelphia during our FHC 2 day appointment with my nephews & sister and brother in law. My sister in law was the one who encouraged me to go to FHC.


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