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The Brain Possible Podcast Episode 4: Interview With Matthew Newell of the Family Hope Center

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Note From The Host:

Episode 4 of The Brain Possible Podcast is officially live! The Brain Possible podcast shares the inspirational stories of parents and caregivers–as well as interviews with doctors, authors, leading thinkers, and paradigm-shifters in the realm of pediatric health and wellness–all in an effort to change the conversation around childhood brain injury from limitations to possibilities.

We’re so pleased to bring you our fourth episode, which features The Brain Possible’s CEO and Founder, Emily Abbott, having a conversation with Matthew Newell, Director of the Family Hope Center.

Matthew Newell has dedicated his life to helping children and adults with special needs and brain injuries since 1981. For more than 35 years Matthew has created neurodevelopment programs internationally, working with parents and specialists from more than 34 countries. He has helped and educated well over 15,000 families. After spending twenty years creating and managing development programs for an international clinic for brain-injured children, Matthew believed that integrating new advances in brain development were the keys to a child’s successful neurological growth and development. In 2002, he co-founded the Family Hope Center with Carol his wife, and brought together a team of physicians and clinicians to help teach, guide, and support parents in helping develop their children. Matthew notes, “There’s a secret ingredient that is built into a family, that when surrounded by the love they share, plus an approach that is brain directed, it creates some pretty significant changes in children.”

In this episode, The Brain Possible Founder and CEO, Emily Abbott, and Matthew Newell discuss the Family Hope Center and how it serves as a holistic and knowledgeable international resource center for healing children with atypical neurological conditions. Listen to the podcast episode here to find out more about the center’s unique and highly effective approach.



Courtesy of © The Brain Possible

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