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Missed last night’s Usual Suspects webinar?

© Article, images, videos and all other material courtesy of Unusual Suspects Webinar Series

Note From The Host:

Last night, the second webinar in my new series, The Usual Suspects: Rounding up Common Obstacles to Healing and Wellness, went live with over 60 seekers of high-level health information in attendance.


As usual, I awoke to a number of emails from folks who had missed it, asking if there would be a replay. The short answer is YES! But before I tell you how you can access it, I want to share a little bit about what happened last night.


First of all, my special guest, Matthew Newell, was incredible.


I count myself among the luckiest of humans. I have the privilege of learning, teaching, and serving families alongside Matt and his team at the Family Hope Center. And last night I was full of gratitude for Matt, his wife Carol, and the whole FHC team. After all, if I hadn’t known what I know from working with them for the past ten years, how would I have known that I could crawl my way out of the brain injury that took me offline for much of 2023? Answer: I wouldn’t have.


So, back to last night!


Matt started us off sharing his own journey into the neuro-rehabilitation world, beginning with how he dropped his plans to become an Occupational Therapist when he discovered a truly brain-based approach to healing. He then shared how he and his wife had healed two of their own children from brain injuries, using the tools they had been teaching for years. And finally, he then shared the crux of those tools–creeping and crawling on the floor–including why it helps, how it helps, and how to get started, whether you are a newborn baby with an organized brain, or an adult with a disorganized one.


After that, Matt and I spent over an hour answering questions from my community of warrior wellness seekers. Here are some comments that participants shared in the chat during and after the webinar:


Wow! Oh Wow!!


What a fantastic webinar!! I learned so many amazing things and tools!!


Thank you… This is so fascinating!


Very interesting and insightful seminar….


Encouraging! Thank you 🙂


Incredible knowledge. Thank you!


I love it every time I hear you both speak! Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge and wisdom. ❤️


By the end of our two-hour webinar, participants left with:

– an understanding of how well babies grow their brain naturally, and how to replicate that at any stage of life;

– a natural regimen for invoking the brain’s innate healing powers;

– a simple protocol for improving memory that takes only 5 minutes a day, and uses things you probably already have in your spice cabinet;

– some next steps if you or a loved one are struggling with a brain that is not functioning optimally;

– and above all, a newfound appreciation for the potential of the brain to HEAL–any brain, any age, from any injury.


If you missed the talk, no sweat! We’ve added it to our online library and you can now purchase it–bundled with all the previous Usual Suspect talks, plus all the ones to come–for a very reasonable fee.


Access the Usual Suspect replays here


As a reminder, for the remainder of 2024 we will continue our investigation into the common–and sadly, commonly overlooked–culprits that contribute to inflammation and poor healing response–in the body, and in the brain. Last night, we took on the topic of brain health and how lack of it can be a major obstacle to healing. And we have much more in store. If you have not yet signed up for the free live calls, you can do so below:


Sign up for The Usual Suspects Webinar series here


I hope between those two options, you can find at least one that meets your needs, and supports you on your own journey to total wellness. See you soon!


Kristin Reihman, MD

© Article, images, videos and all other material courtesy of Unusual Suspects Webinar Series

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