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Jörgen Sandell PhD

  /  Jörgen Sandell PhD

Jörgen Sandell PhD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Dr. Sandell began working with children with special needs in 1989 and has continued working in the field of rehabilitation ever since. He now divides his time between heading a rehabilitation clinic, developing neuromodulating medical technology, and researching mechanisms that assist in healing and pain reduction.


Graduating physical therapy school as well as chiropractor college in the mid-nineties, he also holds two Ph.D.s – the first in Rehabilitation with a focus on neuroscience and pain modulation and the second in Clinical Exercise Physiology with a focus on life quality improvements in individuals with neurological challenges. Always wanting to learn more, he also has a postgraduate diploma in Nutrition Science.


His approach to any type of rehabilitation is that you should be able to explain “how, why and how much” to the people involved. He particularly enjoys a multi- and interdisciplinary take on designing rehabilitation guidelines. Dr. Sandell is a member of the International Neuromodulation Society, the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, and the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Areas of Speciality

Physical Therapy
Clinical Neurology
Pain Management

Clinical Exercise Physiology
Life Quality
Health Interventions

Certifications and Licensure

Nutrition Science and Health Coaching

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