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The Primal Scream Revisited

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Mike has continued treating the little girl you worked with at the Family Hope Center. She is doing considerably better. She is arching less, her overall strain is less, and she hardly cries during CFT. I had the opportunity to treat her this past Thursday for the first time. When I worked on the usual strain patterns in her shoulders and pelvis, she was calm on the table. When I laid my fingers on her umbilicus, she became immediately emotional and emitted a primal scream. After the unwinding completed, I looked at her original intake, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. She had a prolapsed cord at birth that caused her brain injury; cord compression had compromised blood flow to her brain. Remembering Dr. Janov’s work and our years of infant research, I knew that completely releasing the emotional and physical umbilical strain was going to be significant for this little girl’s healing.



Written by Kristen Myers © Gillespie Approach

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