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We believe that parents should be fully supported in realizing their goals for their children. Our mission is to to serve families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders around the world by educating and guiding parents to take a primary and active role in their children’s development.

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The Parent Training Course / 60% OFF

$499  $199 USD
~ R6 900 ~ R2 800 ZAR 

Do you feel stuck and frustrated about your child’s lack of progress? Feeling desperate for answers, and afraid you will never find them? We ourselves had two children with disabilities. We understand the pain of seeing your child struggle and not knowing how to help them and we know how excruciating it is to imagine your child never getting better.

For more than 40 years, we’ve studied the neurological origins of disabilities in children and integrated knowledge from global experts in complementary disciplines.
Based on what we learned, we developed practical, effective ways of promoting and measuring neurological healing and growth in children.
Most importantly, we taught parents to take this knowledge and use it to help their children heal and grow.

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Here is what you’ll get

10 Key topics, 26 modules, and 22 hours of content

Understand how injuries and poor function in the brain show up as developmental delays, learning disabilities, communication / motor / seizure disorders, and other traditional diagnoses (e.g., ADHD)

Learn how to use the Family Hope Center’s proprietary evaluation tool to assess how your child’s brain is developing and find out which neurological pathways and physiological systems need the most support

Learn how to build a basic but effective set of exercises and a nutritional protocol that will promote your child’s brain growth and maturation

Learn how to implement these exercises and the nutritional protocol in your home, and personally oversee your child’s progress

Access to parent and family group calls

Clinical staff support

$499  $199 USD
~ R6 900 ~ R2 800 ZAR 

Use code: PTC60

How we can bring you hope.

This course will help you understand how injuries and core functions in the brain show up as:

Developmental delays

Learning difficulties

Motor delays

Communication disorders

Behavioral challenges

Seizure disorders

Other traditional diagnoses (e.g., ADHD)

Impaired brain function is at the root of many delays in development. In order to help your child, you need to understand the way a child’s brain develops, how brain plasticity works, and how nutrition underpins optimal brain function. You also need practical, hands-on ways to measure and promote your child’s development.

Use code: PTC60

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Diagnosis is not destiny.

Love Needs an Action Plan - with Matthew and Carol Newell

In one week from today, he will be racing for the Danish Para-cycling team in the Danish Championships. We have no idea of how he is going to perform - but, I am so proud of him. All the hard work has turned out wonderful.

Karina J, Denmark

I have new hope – not just for my son, but for our whole family.

Karina J, Denmark

Thank you for giving my family hope and the practical tools to help my child when the system failed her.

Allison F., West Essex, UK

After spending years pursuing answers, it finally looks like we have something that will heal our son.

Julia G., Hanscom, Massachusetts, US

Start understanding your child’s brain!

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