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Maternal Trauma in Giving Birth

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When I lecture at the Family Hope Center (FHC) conferences three times a year, I ask for a volunteer with headaches from an audience of about seventy people. Our mother at this week’s conference presented with a constant pain in her right temple that she has had ever since giving birth seven months ago. When Matt Newell, the director of FHC, and I got into her pelvic craniosacral fascial strain pattern, she went directly back into that birth delivery position to unwind. This system remembers all of the body’s trauma back to conception.

After a number of lower body releases, strain in her right TMJ (jaw joint) proceeded down her arching back into her pelvis. She then felt the precise pain in her right temple connecting the upper and lower body dots. CFT’s goal is to correct the root cause of the problem instead of managing people’s diseases.

The mathematicians and physicists have constructed a space-time continuum where space and time are joined together as one. The craniosacral fascial system acts along a similar principle. We are all living with the simultaneous effects of a lifetime of trauma in our craniosacral fascial systems. The unity of this mom’s headache and her birth trauma is a great example of a condition caused by a seemingly unrelated former trauma in time and the resulting craniosacral fascial strain now from her pelvis into her cranium in space. The current health care system does not recognize this concept in clinical care.

The next day mom related to the group that she felt like a completely different person. Her headache was gone, and her body felt very free. She was very grateful for the session. I believe a lot of moms reading this piece are having health issues now because of the effects from their giving birth. There is an excellent reason why many moms receive epidural anesthesia during childbirth. They may not feel the pain during birth, but the entrenched craniosacral fascial strain can still live on. I have focused on the newborn’s health for ten years, but I believe that someday the world will see that immediate CFT for the dyad is paramount to mitigate and prevent the effects of traumatic birth forces.



Written by Dr. Barry Gillespie © Gillespie Approach

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