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We believe that parents should be fully supported in realizing their goals for their children. Our mission is to to serve families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders around the world by educating and guiding parents to take a primary and active role in their children’s development.

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Hypotonicity in Babies with Special Needs

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When you are working with a baby/child with special needs, s(he) may be very loose (hypotonic) at the extremities, but the core of the body (craniosacral) can be very tight. I have seen this pattern at the Family Hope Center for 13 years.

I saw a toddler with cerebral palsy this morning who was very tight in the left pec/arm with a zero-second brain cycle. When CFT opened the shoulder/arm, the cycle immediately opened to 30 seconds. Many times at the end of CFT, the craniosacral fascial system balances out with less hypotonicity. It is all connected.



Written by Dr. Barry Gillespie © Gillespie Approach