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How Craniosacral Fascial Therapy Helped Heal My Birth Trauma

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“I was chosen at random to be a CFT demonstration patient at the recent Family Hope Center parent training conference. I’ve had a persistent right temple headache since I was pregnant with my son. I thought it would go away after I delivered him seven months ago, and it did not. I had a negative CT Scan. During the CFT session with Barry and Matt Newell, I immediately went back into the birth position with a lot of unwinding and releasing.

I realized that my jaw pain was more likely from my daughter’s delivery 2.5 years ago. I had pushed her out at 9.5 pounds with no medications and extensive tearing. I remember the day after she was born thinking to myself, ‘It’s odd that my right jaw hurts more than anything else.’

I’ve also had significant right sacroiliac (SI) pain since my daughter’s birth. I assumed that was from carrying around a baby with poor abdominal muscle function as my body recovered. This CFT session taught me that the TMJ and SI are linked in the same craniosacral fascial strain pattern. It made total sense that when Barry helped to release the strain from my right TMJ, my standing body bent backwards like a gymnast. The SI strain was obviously pulling up to my right TMJ.

I felt amazing after the CFT session. I told the group that it felt like two tons had been lifted off my shoulders. Since I was exhausted to the point where I could barely stand up, I had to ask my husband to carry my bags upstairs at the hotel. I had tons of new information to process. It was only 8 pm, but I told him that I needed to lay down. I asked him not to talk as sounds and light were so much stronger than they had ever been. I didn’t even want to put my head on the pillow as I could literally feel it blocking my craniosacral rhythm which I was experiencing for the first time. Barry said that my brain cycle had gone from zero seconds to 120 seconds during the session.

I felt and looked like a new person the next day. My headache was gone. That treatment changed my life.

I was so excited to learn that Barry would be doing a session on my brain-injured son when we visited the Family Hope Center. I knew it was going to have a strong impact on him. My only wish was that he could’ve had that treatment when he was seven minutes old, not seven months old. CFT is that powerful and that special.”



Written by Dr. Barry Gillespie © Gillespie Approach

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