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Five Ways You Can Stand Strong in the Face of Adversity

Contrary to what most people believe, mental strength is not something you are born with. Mental strength is something that can be developed over time. With a little practice and mindfulness, you too can work to improve your fortitude which will aid you when life gets hard. Here are five tips to develop your mental toughness.
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Be Flexible

If you have a vision for your future, you will most likely have set goals for yourself. When something impedes your goals, it can mess with your emotions. This can be stressful, however as much as we like to plan, we can’t always control everything – outcomes, goals and dreams will often need to shift somewhat. Be flexible. You might not be able to climb over a rock in the road, but you can walk around it to get to the other side. Instead of seeing an obstacle as a disaster, you can see it as a minor challenge that needs a little time to work out before you’re on the road again.


Focus on Yourself

In a world where Facebook and Instagram are constantly displaying other people’s life highlight reels – one can get caught up comparing your life to your neighbour’s. Stay in your lane and focus on yourself. The beautiful thing about being human is that as much as we’re all in this together, we are unique individuals designed for a specific purpose. Looking too closely at someone else’s ‘amazing’ life might cause you dissatisfaction and possibly an existential crisis that, quite frankly no-one really has time for. Mentally tough people are the ones who shut everyone else out and focus on impressing themselves. More often than not, those people are the ones that achieve things far beyond their expectations.


Change Your Perspective

Life is all about how you choose to see something. If you view life as one long string of days with endless obstacles everything will become difficult, including getting out of bed. Conversely, if you flip that on it’s head and view each day as a gift with a new opportunity to build on a dream, you will instantly have a better outlook on life and view obstacles as just that – a momentary setback on a long road of beautiful things to encounter. When you step out of a present difficult situation and look at the bigger picture, you can respond differently and with increased calmness.


Strengthen Self Control

Sometimes, after a hard day with a person or situation, it’s tempting to let your emotions get the better of you. Don’t. Often, it is important to step back and take a moment to breathe and collect your thoughts and emotions. A practical approach is to talk a walk or start a journal to write out the things that are challenging you. An important thing is also to write about what you are grateful for. When you take a minute to step back from a situation, it will make it a lot easier to confront your problem when you have articulated your emotions and why you feel the way you do. So not only does taking a step back help with clarity, it also helps you to keep a lid on your emotions and act more rationally.


Combat the Negative Thoughts with Affirmations

When you have low self-esteem, you can get into a cycle of self-loathing, self hatred and negativity, which does not benefit anyone, including yourself. The practice of positive affirmations does not have to do with material things that give you value, but that you are worthy and important. Once you build yourself up on a foundational level, you can then start to value things about yourself, like how determined you are, or how resilient you are in the face of trials.


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