Our Mission

We believe that parents should be fully supported in realizing their goals for their children. Our mission is to to serve families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders around the world by educating and guiding parents to take a primary and active role in their children’s development.

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A message from the Directors

Carol and Matthew Newell, the Directors of the Family Hope Center welcomes you to your journey with them and gives more insight into how the process works.

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Reading: Daily Objectives


The Family Hope Center

We witness that as parents, you are more than qualified to help your child. Even when you might not understand where his or her behavior comes from, you understand your child better than anyone.

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Video: Introduction: The Family Hope center
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Part 1

Laying The Foundation

As educators, we know how important it is to convey information that engages both sides of your brain. If you use both sides together you get a better picture of what is going on.

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Video: Part 1: Laying the foundation
Reading: Part 1: Key Insights

Part 2

Understanding Your Child

Sometimes we see our children’s behavior without seeing the disorganized neurology beneath that behavior. When we see and understand this, we are in a much better place to help our child.

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Video: Part 2: Understanding your child
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Part 3

Abilities vs Disabilities

We look at why the brain grows by use in a predictable order that demonstrates the principle of hierarchical complexity.

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Video: Part 3: Abilities VS Disabilities
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Bonus material to help you on your way

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Video: Bonus: Eating Smart
Reading: Bonus: Guidebook

A Special Invitation

A special invitation form our family to yours. Join us for our Parent Training Course to improve your child's brain function.

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Video: A Special Invitation


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