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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Healing Stories
– Testimonial 1

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My adopted daughter was born in Russia. Her biological family’s story was wrought with poverty, alcoholism, and stress. At three months, her parents abandoned her at a local hospital. At five months an orphanage took her for more than two years. Her institutional life was characterized by neglect, malnutrition, lack of nurturing, and deprivation of everything that a human being needs for well-being.

When she came into my life as a three-year-old, she was below the growth charts on every possible measure. She did not want to be touched, had no meaningful eye contact, and barely spoke. She did not feel pain or hot and cold. She did not tolerate sunlight or any noise. She was clumsy and did not know where she was in “space.” She was easily frustrated and scared. She unpredictably jumped off a bed into a cabinet or somersaulted into a wall. She often retreated into a blank, faraway expression.

A well-known medical specialist diagnosed her with “institutional autism.” He declared that her brain was permanently impaired, and that she would need special education for the rest of her life. The doctor described her as a tremendously damaged child, and sadly viewed my parenting predicament as “an adoption gone wrong.” Although discouraged, I looked at her many positive aspects. Even though she could not express herself through language, I saw a lot of potential brainpower and problem solving skills. She was very observant, curious, engaging, and wanted to connect with people.

Initially, I found help through the early intervention program with home therapy visits and a special education class. Over time, her physical body grew into a little girl as though her cells were awaiting the nutrition with open arms. But her behavior lagged, and her neurological progress was slow. Every professional was at a loss as how to heal that aspect of her.

The Family Hope Center team presented a program individually tailored to her developmental needs. Dietary supplements and CFT were also instituted. Even though the exercises and treatments did not appear directly related to her deficiencies, their total package provided nutrition to her brain in the same way that the food had healed her malnourished little body.

Progress came quickly and steadily. Within a few months, she sustained eye contact. She gained language comprehension to hold a conversation. She threw and caught a ball, her balance improved, and she dressed without assistance. She went from knowing only a few letters of the alphabet to reading and writing some words. She kept up with her peers at preschool, and even surpassed them at certain skills. She formed friendships easily and even became a leader. Now just turning five, she will attend kindergarten on her own this coming year with children her age.

Her progress has been nothing short of remarkable. I understand that her complete healing is a work in progress, since mending earlier institutional assaults will take some time. Our lives have been changed in ways that no one else has been able to do and in ways that I never thought possible.



Written by Dr. Barry Gillespie © Gillespie Approach

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