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A Possible CFT Unified Health Theory

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Einstein attempted to create a Unified Field Theory in which the physics of quantum particles and large masses could be explained as one. He failed and to date no one has created a successful model.

CFT at birth and infancy may present a possible unified health theory connecting the emotional and physical events of gestation and birth to the formation of childhood and adult personality and diseases. Krissy, Mike and I over the years have seen positive clinical signs opening that possible door to a more stable emotional and physical lifetime.

We all understand that the fetus feels everything the mother feels during the gestation period along with physical positional traumas. Additionally, the fetus experiences labor, delivery and the beginning of life. Can all of this stimuli create a fetal “imprint” determining who we will become emotionally and physically?

This is the short story of CFT clinical research:

1. The first thing we saw in our completed babies is happiness. They smiled and laughed at us; mom said s(he) was happy. We became the happy baby people.

2. These babies did not get as sick as often as the other siblings; they were healthier. I saw this when I worked with babies in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s when there was no need for CFT checkup visits.

3. The Family Hope Center found in their wellness research that their treated CFT children reached their developmental milestones 30% faster than the average child.

4. Structurally, the CFT children appeared to withstand trauma much better than their siblings. When they fell, they processed the event less dramatically. They needed little or no CFT after trauma whereas their other siblings did. It was like they were somewhat “bulletproof” to traumatic events.

5. The most telling aspect: the parents said there was something special about that CFT child as compared to the siblings. They describe that child with phrases like a “shining star,” “free and peaceful,” and “happy go lucky.” When those descriptions still ring true now, we believe the possibility of something extraordinary may be happening.

We believe that the fetal emotions of mom as well as physical positioning can create a fetal “imprint.” Can CFT at birth allow an infant to be free of that fetal emotional and physical baggage? Is a fussy infant during CFT really letting go of life-encumbering emotional and physical traumas to become free? We believe that allowing the baby to “relive,” express and release this experience from her or his nervous and fascial systems could potentially shape her or his belief systems, health, wellness and life expectancy.

We are just bringing this theory to everyone’s consciousness. We must acknowledge that it does not take into account family events after birth CFT. This work is just about resetting the in utero imprint,” not if mom held us vs. let us cry alone, not about household fighting, not about neglect, not about abuse, etc. Those issues create their own layers of damage.



Written by Dr. Barry Gillespie © Gillespie Approach

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